The Happy Hippo Diving

One-Tank Guided Dive

Discover Curaçao's Underwater Beauty with Our One-Tank Guided Dives Embark on a personalized one-tank diving adventure with us, exploring the best dive sites Curaçao has to offer. Our small groups, with a maximum of 4 divers, ensure individualized attention for an enhanced and safe experience. Why Choose Us: Diverse Dive Sites: From hidden gems to renowned locations, we curate one-tank dives based on your preferences and skill level. Private Guide Option: Opt for a private guide to tailor your one-tank diving experience, exploring at your pace with chosen companions. Booking Info: Group Size: Small groups for a more intimate one-tank experience. Dive Selection: Tailored one-tank dives based on your preferences and experience. Private Guide: Elevate your one-tank adventure with a personalized guide. Note: Our commitment to safety and personalized experiences ensures an unforgettable one-tank underwater journey for divers of all levels.

Requires confirmation

In Person

60 Minutes

July 2024