The Happy Hippo Diving

One-Tank Night Dive

Unveil the Mysteries of the Night with Our One-Tank Night Dive Embark on a unique underwater adventure as the sun sets with our One-Tank Night Dive experience. Dive into the enchanting world of nocturnal marine life, witnessing a transformation as the colors change, and creatures of the night come to life. Why Choose Us: Nighttime Marvels: Experience the magic of the ocean under the cover of night, where marine life takes on a different charm. Intimate Groups: With a maximum of 4 divers, our one-tank night dives ensure a personalized and safe experience. Professional Guidance: Dive confidently with our experienced guides, providing insights into the fascinating behaviors of nighttime marine creatures. Note: Our commitment to safety and providing a unique underwater experience ensures an unforgettable one-tank night dive for divers of all levels.

Requires confirmation

In Person

60 Minutes

July 2024